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Reliable Equipment

Transpo Pilot Car uses the industry best equipment for reliability and efficiency.


Pilot Cars are equipped with both CB and VHF/UHF mobile and portable two-way radio equipment, including spare radios and antennas.

Height Pole and Load Measuring:

Using industry standard height poles and accurate standard measuring devices, you are secure in knowing your true load measurements.

Route Mapping:

Each pilot vehicle is equipped with minimal two methods of route mapping, including GPS.

SuperLoad Certified Pilots

As of January 2019, regulations have changed with the requirements for the permitted movements of "super-loads" within the Province of Ontario.

Transpo has pilot cars certified to serve your needs.


At Transpo, we believe in the theory of "you get what you pay for."

You get the best service with competitive rate pricing. Each load is different, and has different tasks. Call us today to discuss your pilot car needs.

Transpo accepts both VISA, Master Card and E-Transfers for your service convenience.

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